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Road to Mekong



Four Indian women set out on an adventure of a lifetime on motorbikes.

Setting out from Hyderabad, they travel 17000 kms across six countries.

It is an exciting narrative of adventure, courage, challenges and strength. 

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Ask for it

Ask for it - How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want

This book is a wonderful gift for women in any walk of life. Women are hard working, yet wait to be rewarded, and many times end up disappointed, not getting what they rightly deserve. This book is set to open up …

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Nice Girls don't get the corner office

The Unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers. 

This book by Lois P. Frankel makes you nod your head in agreement. When I first read the book, each chapter made me think "Oh my God. I have made these mistakes so often. I wish I had read this book earlier."

What I liked about the…

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Lean in - Women, Work and the Will to Lead

Books have been a great source of inspiration in my career as a banker and now as a trainer and author.  I would like to share the list of books that I recommend to women who want to rise in their career. ( You can click on the images to view the books on Amazon. ( Disclaimer:  I might get a small c…

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