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Banxzu Weekly Issue 2 August 11, 2018

Banxzu Women’s Weekly

Week 2 – Issue 2 – August 10, 2018

 Lean in Circle for Women in Indian Banking – An online network

Our Lean in Circle has started with five members in the first week. We hope more women join this online circle to stay connected, raise topics for discussion, share ideas, challenges, insights and support each other in our pursuit of success.

Click here to join the circle.  

Lean in membership form – Click here to give basic information about yourself.

Article of the week:

Are educated women leaving jobs faster than others? 

Click here to read the article


Communicating with confidence – The power of non-verbal communication


Body language affects our thoughts, feelings, and physiology.

  • You need to understand how your body language influences the way you think and feel about yourself
  • Practice using your body to shift your mind-set

Watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk, “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are,”

Click here for the video

What are your thoughts after watching the video? Did you try using the power pose?

The key takeaways from this video are:

  • Your body language influences how others think and feel about you
  • Your body language also influences how you think and feel about yourself.
  • You can use nonverbal cues to display power.

How can you use your body language to gain power and influence?

Click here to watch the video about the body language of power.

You can learn to Play High – Be authoritative and Play low – Be approachable.

Would you like to learn the body language aspects that demonstrate high power or approachability?

Click here to access the practice guide



Power of Self Confidence

Do women display lower self-confidence than men?

What can we do to improve our self-confidence? How self-confident are you?

Click on this link to take the self-confidence assessment and learn insights into improving yourself.

Where do we begin our improvement efforts?

1.Self-efficacy - A good place to start is improving your self-efficacy.

What is self-efficacy? – It is the belief in one’s capabilities to do a specific task.

How can self-efficacy help women be more confident?

Short Story – I don’t like sales from the book Hello Banker.

The story of Vidya, a probationary officer in a bank branch who disliked sales because she could not sell illustrates this point.

You can read this book on amazon. Click here to buy the ebook.

Last week we had offered the ebook free. If you liked the stories, please post your reviews on the amazon site.  

2.Mastery – Life long learning and improving skills

MOOCs are a great resource for continuous learning and skill improvement. Coursera is my favourite MOOC where we get access to lectures from world class institutions and Professors.

The online course “Women in Leadership” – Inspiring positive change is a very useful course for women as it talks about.

  • Why it is important for organisations to have women leaders at the top?
  • What is leadership presence for women?
  • What can women do to improve their self-confidence?
  • How can women learn to negotiate for themselves and others?
  • What can women do to navigate office politics?

We also get to participate in discussion forums with women from various professions across the world.

You can “audit” the course for free or you can pay a nominal fee to earn a course certificate.  Click the link below to view the course.

Inspirational books for women

The book I recommend this week is “Nice girls don’t get the corner office.” For review, click below:

That is all for this week. Do share your views and feedback on my website:

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