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Banxzu Women's newsletter - Issue 3

Banxzu Women’s Newsletter

Issue 3 – November 6, 2018

 Lean in Circle for Women in Indian Banking – An online network

 This is a circle for women in the Indian Banking industry to connect, share learning, inspire and support each other in our pursuit of success and satisfaction.

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We would like to know you better.


We thank those wonderful women who have already joined our circle.

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In this newsletter:

  1. Happy Diwali
  2. Women in the workplace Survey 2018
  3. Negotiation – Why it is an important skill that women need to learn
  4. Life Long Learning – Courses you can explore
  5. Book review – Ask for it
  6. Hello Banker – Stories of Bankers


Happy Diwali

Warm wishes to all the wonderful women in the world. May your lives be filled with happiness and prosperity and may you share this joy with others.

How can you make this Diwali special for yourself and others? Do something different and share your story.

Women in the workplace

Women continue to be vastly underrepresented in every level in the organisation. Click here to read the Women in the workplace survey 2018 report.

Negotiation – an important skill that women need to learn


How many of us like to negotiate? We wrongly think that negotiation is only for big deals. However women can use negotiation skills to overcome barriers and resource constraints at home and at work.

Click here to watch an animated cartoon about why negotiation skills is a must for women.:


Women in Leadership – Inspiring positive change

You can “audit” the course for free or you can pay a nominal fee to earn a course certificate.  Click the link below to view the course.

Inspirational books for women

The book I recommend this month is “Ask for it” - How women can use the power of negotiation to get what they really want.

Click here for the book review

Hello Banker – A story book for bankers

“Hello Banker” is a collection of short stories about the lives of young bankers and their journey in search of success.    

Click here to buy the book now.


That is all for this week. Do share your views and feedback on my website:


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