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Issue 1 - August 3, 2018 - Lean in circle for Women in Indian Banking

Welcome to the first issue of the weekly newsletter for women in banking.

Every week, we will bring to you interesting insights, ideas, resources for empowering you to pursue four-way wains in the important spheres of your life – career growth, personal wellbeing, family and community.

Lean in Circle for Women in Indian Banking – An online network

We have started a Lean In circle for women to form an online network, discuss ideas and share best practices with other women in the banking sector in India.

Congratulations to all the wonderful women who have joined in the circle. We look forward to your active participation in the weeks to come.

We welcome all the women in banking sector to join the circle to be part of this movement for empowering women.

Click here to join the circle.

Why should women join our Lean in circle?

Circles are all about accomplishing more, together. 

Women in Circles are...

  • more confident and ambitious
  • more likely to ask for—and receive—promotions
  • more aware of the role that gender plays at work

(According to Women in the Workplace 2017, co-authored by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company)

What is the Lean in Movement all about?


A TED Talk by Sheryl Sandberg on “Why are there so few women leaders at the top?”  sparked a conversation across the world. 

Here is the link to the video of Sheryl Sandberg’s Ted Talk that energised thousands of women to share their stories, issues and successes.

Watch the video now:

Lean in circles across the world are now helping women come together, learn and practice new skills and pursue their goals.

The Art of conversation – Connect cards

How do we connect with others? -  We need to practice the art of conversation. Ask questions that spark discussions and debates, share our perspectives, listen to the ideas of others and find the connect.
Here is the link to the connect cards, an activity that brought out the connect among women in our training program “Unnati, empowering women to success”. You might want to use these questions to build a rapport with women in your workplace.


Inspirational books for women

Do you love reading books? Books have been my companions, guides, and source of inspiration all through my life. 

Click the link below to read my review and recommendations of the top three books for women.

Storytime – A good story can wake you up just like coffee.


We bring to you the story of Meera who leaned in and asked for her promotion.

Click here to read the story and then post how you would like it to end.

A surprise gift just for you.

My story book “Hello Banker”, a collection of short stories about the lives of bankers is available as ebook and paperback on Amazon. I have great pleasure in offering the ebook free for two days.

Hello Banker ebook  free offer – August 4th and 5th 2018.

Click here to download your gift.

That is all for this week. Look forward to your feedback. Happy weekend.

 Vanaja Shankar

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