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Customer service excellence Tip 4 - Be well groomed & Professionally attired

May 1, 2017

"Dressing well is a form of good manners" - Tom Ford


Are there days when you feel too tired or frustrated to bother about dressing and go to the branch without proper grooming?


Do you, like our friend in the first scene below, feel that you do not have to bother so much about dressing well?


Your attire speaks before you do


















If your answer is "yes" think again.

How would you react if you go to a hospital and you are not able to identify who are the doctors because everyone is dressed in casual tees and jeans? It is a Saturday!

Would a policeman command as much respect when he is in casual clothes as when he is in uniform?

There is the story of a young banker who was the relationship manager for the top priority customers in the bank branch.


A priority banking customer walked into the branch on a Saturday. 


Customer: I would like to meet the branch manager or someone senior in this branch. I would like to create a fixed deposit for a large amount.

Relationship Manager: Sir, I am the relationship manager for priority customers like you. How may I help you?

Customer: No, No. I want to meet only the branch manager.

Relationship Manager: Sir, the branch manager is in a meeting. I can assist you in creating the fixed deposit.

Customer: I will wait and meet him.

The customer waited for half an hour, met the branch manager and gave the cheque of Rs.10 lakhs for the creation of fixed deposit. The relationship manager was in the branch manager's cabin to assist the transaction. When they walked out of the cabin, the relationship manager told the customer:

"Sir, you need not have waited for half an hour to meet the branch manager. I would have completed this transaction for you."

The customer gave one look at the relationship manager who was dressed in casual tees and jeans " You look like a college kid. How can I trust you to handle a transaction of Rupees ten lakhs? What if you misplace the cheque or make a mistake? That is why I wanted to meet the branch manager."

Banking is a business of Trust.  A banker must win the trust of customers and maintain the trust. A banker's attire has to convey that he/she is responsible and trustworthy.

What creates Trust?

  • Personality, grooming, and attire
  • Attitude
  • Knowledge, skills, capability
  • Efficiency in providing solutions 
  • Consistency in performance.


There are people who feel that if you are efficient, you do not have to bother about dressing well. Attire and grooming are important because they create a quick first impression that is difficult to change. 


Here are few simple tips for being well groomed and attired.

1. Get up early in the morning so that you have sufficient time for personal grooming.

2. Ensure during the weekend that your clothes for the next week are washed, ironed and ready.

3. While buying clothes, choose good quality and subtle colors that suit you. (It is better to have six good dresses than buy 20 dresses that wear out after two washes.)

4. Take few minutes the previous night to decide what clothes you will wear the next day and keep the accessories ready. This will help you avoid last minute rush in the morning searching for accessories.

5. Before you start your day at the branch, take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror to perfect your grooming.  

6. Remember to freshen up during lunch break to stay fresh till the evening.

There is an added advantage of dressing well. You will look good and feel confident and some one is sure to compliment you and make you happier.

So, get your best clothes out from your wardrobe and wear them to work.


 Wish you success in all your efforts.

"You can have anything you want if you dress for it." - Edith Head




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