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Tip 1 - What makes customers happy?

April 26, 2017

Hello friends. Welcome to the blog series "Tips for customer service excellence." While I started writing these tips for bankers, I realised that these tips are relevant for anyone engaging with customers. (External or internal.) The very fact that you are reading this blog shows that you are interested in customer service. 


The first tip is to keep thinking "How can I make the customer happy, what will make the customer smile?"


Let us take the example of a young bank officer named Mr. H (H for hesitant ;) Since Mr. H is new to the job he is not very familiar with the products, processes or the systems. He takes very long to put through each transaction. He makes at least 2 mistakes in the transaction and at the end he SMILES at the customer.


Will the customer be happy? The customer might be tolerant once but if the mistakes continue,  the smile will not compensate for the lack of knowledge or efficiency of service.


We then have Mr. X, a very efficient and senior banker who completes the work with speed and accuracy but does it as a matter of routine without showing any care or courtesy for the customer.


How would the customer feel? He would be satisfied that his work is done but would he be happy? Do you know how many customers hate to go to the Bank for some work?


So what can make the customers happy? What can bring a smile on the customer's face?


The first tip is to keep asking these questions to ourselves.


In the next blog posts we will be exploring small, easy steps that we can take to improve customer service.


What is your experience as a customer? Can you recall the latest experience when a customer service executive brought a smile on your face? 


Do share your thoughts. 



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