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Tip 2 - Enjoy making the customers happy

April 27, 2017



"What is it to work with love? 

It is to weave the threads of cloth as if your beloved were to wear it."

- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet.

When you enjoy giving good service to customers, the service will become exceptional.


You might ask "How can I enjoy serving customers? I am so tired handling so many customers every day that all that I want is to end the day without any hassle."

Take the example of a mother cooking food for her children. 

Does this involve hard work?     YES

Are the children sometimes unreasonable?   YES

Are the children demanding (each having likes and dislikes)?  YES

Yet a mother puts her heart into her work and prepares food with love. She wants the children to be healthy and energetic so she enjoys creating new recipes that are healthy as well as delightful to the children. She is happy when her children eat happily. Where does she get the energy from? - From the joy of serving her family.

Think of the time when you planned a surprise party for a friend. Did you not enjoy ordering all the

favourite food items, inviting other friends, shopping for gifts and creating a greeting card or a birthday message? The joy of making someone happy is so immense.

You can experience the joy everyday when you serve customers - When you enjoy serving customers, you will be recharged with energy every time a customer thanks you with gratitude.

Can you think of an occasion when you received excellent service from a customer service executive and you felt so delighted? It could be at a restaurant, a shopping complex or even a small grocery store. How did you feel? Would you not like to create such moments of joy for your customers?

How do you prepare yourself to serve the customer with joy? We will explore it in the next blog post.

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Hope you find joy in your work.

Thank You. Have a wonderful day!





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