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Tip 3 - Choose a positive attitude

April 28, 2017


What is your attitude when you start your day at the branch?



Do you feel happy, enthusiastic, energetic and ready to wow the customer? or    


Is it just one more day of work, work, and work? or


Do you feel grumpy, tired, frustrated, overworked and wish for a better life?



You might think you don't have a choice. 


You can't change your role. You can't change your branch. You can't change your boss. You can't change your customers. You can't change your targets. So what can you do?

Some say you can fake your attitude. "I will try to be nice to customers so that I can sell an insurance policy." Do you think customers would like it?


There is a story of a young girl who was living with her widowed aunt.  The aunt lived a simple and disciplined life. She was very wealthy and the young girl wanted to inherit her wealth. The young girl tried hard to please her aunt, while in her heart, she disliked her aunt for being so strict. She wondered why her aunt did not like her! 


What would you do if you were in the aunt's position? How would you trust the young girl?

How do you think customers would feel when they know that you are nice to them only to sell something?


So what is the alternative?

Many of us like to live in our day dreams. "If I get a posting near my house, my boss was sweet, my team mates were all helpful, customers were patient and polite, targets were easy and achievable, systems and infrastructure are world class, I will then be happy."  

When we choose to live in this make believe world, we give power to external things to make us happy. Our happiness depends on so many things beyond our control resulting in frustration.

The serenity prayer is apt here.


God, grant me 

Serenity to accept things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can and

Wisdom to know the difference.


Can you change anything?

Yes. You can change your attitude. You can choose to have an attitude of gratitude - be thankful for the opportunity to have a job. Be thankful to the customers who place their trust in your bank and invest their money with you. 

Yes. You can choose to be happy and do the best you can. 

Yes. You can take initiative to improve processes within your branch to help improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Would you like to know the story of Hriday, a  young probationary officer, who enters the banking world with dreams? He is posted in a semi-urban branch of a Bank. Does he manage in the new surroundings? or does he have to quit his job to pursue his dreams? 



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Do read the story and share your thoughts.

Your feedback can make a difference.

"We don't smile because we are happy. We are happy because we smile." 







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