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Welcome to my site. 

I am Vanaja Shankar, ex-Banker, certified trainer (International teachers' program) and writer.

I am passionate about life-long learning and sharing my knowledge and skills to empower others.

My firm Banxzu Training and Development Solutions is four years old. I have trained hundreds of bankers and aspiring bankers on customer service, communication, selling skills and leadership skills.

My book "Hello Banker" is a collection of short stories about the lives of young bankers and their experiences in customer service and sales.

I am an author on women'sweb. I write about women bankers and the challenges they face in managing work-life balance and progressing in their career.

My dream is to empower professionals especially women to discover their strengths and realise their potential.  

I am sharing my knowledge and experience on this site with the hope of making a difference to a larger number of people.

Your inputs, feedback, and comments are important to enrich the learning experience. So please do browse the site and share your ideas, questions, suggestions.

And, if you do like something, share it with others. 


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