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The joy of reading

I love reading books, exploring new worlds, live the lives of different characters, learn vicariously from the experiences of others. The smell of a new book in a bookstore, the array of books in a library, the touch of a book with a beautiful cover, finding a cozy corner and immersing myself in the book - it gives me a high every time. My house is full of books on every shelf in every room, including the kitchen. I might not have read all the books on my shelf, while I read some books again and again.  It is ok because my daughter reads most of the books.  What I love most when I go to a shopping mall is to enter a bookstore and get lost in the books.

But I have a problem now. Since there is not much space in my house for more books, I started reading books on Kindle. It is indeed a pleasure to read on the Kindle compared to reading books on mobiles and tablets. My husband and I  read on the "All new Kindle." It is lightweight and the battery lasts long.  My daughter uses a Kindle Paperwhite that is self-illuminating and can be read in the dark. 

There is another great option for book lovers to read thousands of books for free. A subscription to Kindle Unlimited for an annual fee allows you to download ten books at a time. You can explore different genres, various authors from the millions of books available on the Kindle Unlimited store. 

You don't need to own a Kindle to read books Kindle Unlimited. (Of course, the joy of reading books on Kindle cannot be matched by other devices.) You can read books for free on your mobile or PC through the Kindle app. 

On this page, I would like to share reviews of books that I love and would like to recommend. I would start with my own book "Hello Banker' a collection of short stories on customer service and sales. Hello Banker is available in all three versions.

As a paperback, Kindle ebook and on kindle unlimited. 

In some posts, I will include the link to the relevant product on the online store. When you click on this link to buy, I would get a small commission that will help me sustain this website and share free content.


Stories of Bankers for bankers


Welcome to the world of young bankers...

Hello Banker is a collection of short stories about the lives of nine young bankers. They come into the banking industry with enthusiasm, dreams, and aspirations to make it big. They face challenges in customer service and sales, adjusting to a new place, managing self. Their anxieties, inhibitions pull them in a different direction. Can they overcome the challenges? Can they find joy in customer service and sales?

Read the book to experience the joys and ecstasies, agonies and trials of these bankers and their journey towards success.


Book reviews

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Option B
it was amazing
I was initially hesitant about buying this book - my fear was that it would be too depressing to read about death and personal setbacks and yet the title promised hope. What I liked about the book is that Sheryl has shared her story of l...

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