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Stories for the working woman

Late sitting - the evil practice that wrecks work life balance

I wrote a short story about the pressures faced by Rekha, a working mother trying to balance work and family & her guilt in not being able to give time for her daughter. Her stress is increased by the demands of an unreasonable boss who expects employees to stay late, making a virtue of late sitting…

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Do I have to become a superwoman?

“I don’t believe this”- Meera checked the promotion list again.  Her throat had gone dry; her hands were sweating. She saw Arun’s name. Her name was missing.  

Meera was the operations manager at the main branch of a leading private sector bank in the city. She worked very hard to …

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Breaking barriers - stories of women at work

Click here to read my short stories that have been published on Women's web, a digital magazine for inspiring women. 

Why negotiaion skills is a must for women

Pinterest - Books for women

Banxzu Women's Weekly

Banxzu Weekly Issue 2 August 11, 2018

Banxzu Women’s Weekly

Week 2 – Issue 2 – August 10, 2018

 Lean in Circle for Women in Indian Banking – An online network

Our Lean in Circle has started with five members in the first week. We hope more women join this online circle to stay connected, raise topics for discussion, sh…

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Issue 1 - August 3, 2018 - Lean in circle for Women in Indian Banking

Welcome to the first issue of the weekly newsletter for women in banking.

Every week, we will bring to you interesting insights, ideas, resources for empowering you to pursue four-way wains in the important spheres of your life – career growth, personal wellbeing, family and community.


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