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Inspirational Books for the working woman

Have you read these books?

Books have been a great source of inspiration in my career as a banker and now as a trainer and author.  I would like to share the list of books that I recommend to women who want to rise in their career. ( You can click on the images to view the books on Amazon. ( Disclaimer:  I might get a small commission if you buy the book through the link.)

The first book on my list is Lean in because it addresses the reasons why women drop out in the middle of their career and why there are so few women at the top. We also get insights on what women should do to make a difference. 

1. Lean In 

Women, Work and the Will to lead       

This is a book written by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, following her popular TED Talk on "why there are very few women leaders at the top."

Sheryl shares anecdotes from her personal and professional life on how she overcame challenges and learned to ask for what she wanted. She shares insights on what women should do to overcome the barriers at work to rise to the top. 

Women can relate to Sheryl's story of her return to work when her baby was only two months old, how she struggled with guilt and how she learned to manage her time and energy to have the best of both worlds.

A must read for every woman who aspires to be a leader at work. Click on the image below to view the book on Amazon.  

2. Nice Girls don't get the corner office 

The Unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers. 

This book by Lois P. Frankel makes you nod your head in agreement. When I first read the book, each chapter made me think "Oh my God. I have made these mistakes so often. I wish I had read this book earlier."

What I liked about the book is that it shows us the mistakes that we so often make as well as gives insights and tips on how to overcome the mistake.

Some of the mistakes are so common in my experience..for example." Being naive, waiting to be rewarded, avoiding office politics, seeking permission for even small things..." 

Women need to read this book to understand the behaviours that are preventing us from reaching where we deserve to be. 






The story of a working mom - why do I have to choose between work and family?

I wrote a short story about the pressures faced by Rekha, a working mother trying to balance work and family & her guilt in not being able to give time for her daughter. Her stress is increased by the demands of an unreasonable boss who expects employees to stay late, making a virtue of late sitting. Rekha is being pushed to make a choice between work and home. Is she able to find a way out? My story "It is my choice" won a prize in the online women's magazine Women'sweb. 


Here is how the story read the full story, please do click on the title to go to women'sweb magazine. 

 It Is My Choice!

Rekha parked her scooter in the compound and ran up the stairs to the first floor of the twelve storey building and rang the doorbell. “Asha, I am so sorry I am late.” she apologised profusely as the door opened. She glanced at the wall clock that showed 7 pm and breathed deeply.

A tall thin woman with greying hair peered through her glasses with an annoyed expression. “This is the third time this week” her voice was icy as she moved to the left to let Rekha in.

The room was neat and clean, the children’s’ story books and play toys neatly stacked on the table.

Rekha ran to the child sitting on the sofa all alone, reading a book. The little girl’s eyes brightened on seeing her. She hugged the girl and kissed her forehead. She picked up the book, thrust it into the school bag, picked up the lunch bag, held the girl’s hand and walked out of the daycare centre.

“I hope you will be here latest by 6.15 pm. Otherwise…” Asha paused. Rekha stopped and turned around.

“Otherwise I cannot take Divya into the daycare centre from next month. You must understand that we cannot keep it open so late, every day.”

Rekha sighed as she started the scooter. Divya was quiet till they reached home.

Rekha hurried to the kitchen to prepare a quick dinner for Divya. Divya followed her to the kitchen.

“Mummy, where will I go after school from next month?”

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Breaking barriers - stories of women at work

I have written some short stories on the dilemmas faced by women struggling to balance work and life. Click here to read my short stories that have been published on Women's web, a digital magazine for inspiring women. 

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